Grey Area – While The City Sleeps

Grey Area – While The City Sleeps was published by Avery Hill Publishing in 2012, but is now out of print.

Grey Area – The Old Straight Track

Grey Area – The Old Straight Track was published in 2013 by Avery Hill Publishing, but is now out of print. This issue of Grey Area was about the British motorway system.

It’s A Bird’s Life

Between 2011 and 2015 I drew a diary webcomic which I updated once a week (mostly!). I’m working on putting them all online again, and might start drawing new instalments soon.  

Effra Tales

I used to draw comics for the Brixton Bugle – Brixton’s free newspaper.

Bear & Bird

I was commissioned to draw a bear and a bird as a gift. I’m always happy to work on commissions – please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Black Sabbath – The Age Of Reason

The Secret 7″ project is an annual exhibition for artists and illustrators. Contributors create record covers which are sold to raise money for charitable causes. I’ve had work included in two exhibitions (2013 and 2014).


I made a series of drawings of London’s infrastructure which were compiled into a book which was published through Avery Hill’s arts line in 2012.

Off Season

I’ve had work published in several issues of Off Life – a free comics anthology.  


Keara Stewart compiled an anthology of comics about people’s dreams and nightmares. She self-published it in 2015. In his review for Broken Frontier, Andy Oliver said it was “not just a testament to the strength of UK small press comics, A Bit of Undigested Potato is also a celebration of the UK small press comics community.”

As The Crow Flies

Dirty Rotten Comics is a UK comics anthology. They’re always looking for new contributors. Tony Esmond, from Down The Tubes, called it “the Daddy of the UK indie anthology.”

The Bullpen

The Bullpen is a story about the silver age of comics, written by Luke Halsall. It was serialised in four parts in Reads, published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Hitchcock On Film

Hitchcock on Film is part biography of Alfred Hitchcock, part history of cinema. Its written by Ricky Miller, and serialised in Reads, published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Grey Area – From The City To The Sea

Grey Area – From The City To The Sea, won Best Comic at the 2015 British Comic Awards. It was published by Avery Hill publishing and is available from their shop. In this instalment of the Grey Area series, Itravelled east out of London to the North Sea, through the outskirts of the City, suburban …

Night Bus

Over The Line: An Introduction To Poetry Comics is an anthology compiled by Chrissy Williams and Tom Humberstone, published in 2015 by Sidekick Books. Alan Moore wrote “I really can’t recommend this venture highly enough, and I’d advise you mark your card immediately” about the project.

Poly Styrene

Dead Singers Society is an anthology published by Good Comics. I’ve contributed comics to their first two issues.

Rock & Pop

I wrote and self published Rock & Pop in 2016. Each comic in the book tells the story of how a particular song has soundtracked a specific moment in my life. I’m currently compiling other people’s comics based on the same theme for Rock & Pop Various Artists. You can read the current submissions here …

Grey Area – Our Town

Grey Area – Our Town was published in 2016 by Avery Hill Publishing (and is available from their shop). This issue of Grey Area deals with the relationships between place and memory. Memories from childhood. Relationships with those we love. The environment that we experience. The time and place within which we exist. These aspects …

The Rocket

In 2016 I self published a ball-by-ball retelling (in comic form!) of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s recording breakingly fast 147 break at the 1997 Snooker World Championships. Copies are available to buy from my shop.

SLCZF 2017

I made a flyer for the first South London Comic & Zine Fair in 2017. A riso print version is available from my shop.

Membury Services

I drew a comic about Membury Services for Dirty Rotten Comics special 10th colour issue. The anthology is available from their shop.


A poster for Trust Us Theatre Company’s production of Wingman (2017)

The Old Stones

I drew a short comic for Broken Frontier’s 2017 Yearbook on the theme of New Horizons. The anthology is available from the Broken Frontier shop.

In Orbit

After my son was born I made a series of diary comics documenting family life. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to maintain it for very long (because I was far too busy!) but here are the pages I made between November 2016 and May 2017.


I occasionally make prints which I sell through my shop. Make sure to check to see if there’s anything new!

The Great North Wood

  The Great North Wood is my first graphic novel, published by Avery Hill Publishing in 2018. Long ago the whole of Southern England was covered in forest. Over time, this woodland has been gradually cut back, but small patches remain amidst the suburban sprawl of South-East London. A few ancient oaks still stand in …

Hip Priest

I drew a comic for Steve Walsh’s Prole Art Threat project. It collects comics and illustrations about The Fall.

SLCZF 2018

I made a flyer for the 2018 South London Comic & Zine Fair.

Alley Cats

I commission I did for the Alley Cats restaurant in Leeds.


I’m always happy to consider requests for bespoke artwork. I charge £65 for a full-colour A4 Gicleé art print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper. The price includes printing and postage within the UK. I’m often asked to draw houses, but am open to any suggestions really! Please email me if you’re interested – tim.j.bird@gmail.com

Asleep In The Back

My new sel-published comic is now available from my shop. It’s about remembering being a child and falling asleep in the back of the car on long motorway journeys. Hypnotised by traffic rhythms and monotone radio. These days its me who’s driving and checking my own kids in the rear-view mirror, waiting for them to …