Grey Area – Our Town

Grey Area – Our Town was published in 2016 by Avery Hill Publishing (and is available from their shop). This issue of Grey Area deals with the relationships between place and memory.

Memories from childhood. Relationships with those we love. The environment that we experience. The time and place within which we exist.

These aspects of our lives are questioned and interrogated – memories and places change, whilst we are shaped by our connections with those close to us, as well as the landscapes we inhabit.


“Goodness me, if he hasn’t gone and done it again!” – Jonathan, Page 45

“The page of origami birds is the perfect example of beautiful simplicity” – Emily Owen, Down The Tubes

“This is a comic of few words that resonates quietly afterwards, a quick read that leaves you going back for more, and the work of a confident, maturing cartoonist trusting his storytelling instincts.” – Pete Redrup, The Quietus

GA4-2-2 copy