Grey Area – From The City To The Sea

Grey Area – From The City To The Sea, won Best Comic at the 2015 British Comic Awards. It was published by Avery Hill publishing and is available from their shop.

In this instalment of the Grey Area series, Itravelled east out of London to the North Sea, through the outskirts of the City, suburban streets and marginal spaces, loosely following the route of the River Thames to the estuary and beyond.

From The City To The Sea is a comic about this landscape and how personal stories and historical memories become embedded in this place.


“This is beautiful work, Bird creating images that sit there and demand the reader ask questions, images that look gorgeous yet also demand that the reader engage” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“Grey Area is a piece of beautifully understated storytelling from Tim Bird, and one that fully deserves your considered attention and support” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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